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Showing posts from February 18, 2007


Here is a recent photo of Henry. I like this one, because (and new parents will appreciate this more than non-parents), it really does demonstrate his remarkable neck strength! Also, I like that it showcases his adorable anime-type eyes. The bigger the eyes, the cuter the baby, I say.

Reds are duds

I appreciate that TBL is essentially little more than a “reality-based” game show with a weight loss theme, but all of these twists and rules that encourage clique-y behaviour is really getting annoying. I mean, they just spent three days building up this team bullshit, getting in “the commando” to emphasise teamwork and the common good, and then go and switch players around to mix things up. It’s like they’re devising ways to get people’s minds OFF OF losing weight. That said, the happiest person around should be that Laura, who is best off away from the arsehole gang of three Courtney, Munnalita and the insipid Pati. I’d like to through in that Marty too, ‘cos for a bloke who goes on about how difficult it is throwing off Alex and Laura (the biggest losers of each week, I might add), he doesn’t seem to have a problem shafting them and keeping no hopers like the other three. I’ll give Greg the benefit of the doubt here. Anyway, Laura will have a lot more luck in team blue without th

Farce in New Zealand

They should have stuck with the full WC squad, if Gilchrist, Ponting etc are too buggered to go to NZ, they shouldn’t be going to the WC. Otherwise, they should have rested everyone and sent over a B team. They would have done a lot better than the shower of shite currently in the side. And what is the deal with Shane Watson? Who has he got photos of? Why is he even remotely considered an international prospect with the ball? For the life of me, I cannot figure this one out. Answers on a postcard please...

Weigh to go Gerard!

Gerard's ability to piss and moan, and then quit at every opportunity really does amaze me. Does he not know that they're filming him? Doesn't he have any pride? Every exercise, every challange, every temptation he groans and moans, and eventually loses his temper. I'm interested to know what he might have expected going on a weight loss reality TV show. If he put as much effort into losing weight as he does his whinging, he'd have dropped 20 kilos by now. If they continue with this stupid rewarding of the weak, the he'll be eating pizzas, cakes and whatever every week, 'cos with cat's bum gone, he's a dead cert to be voted off at first opportunity.

TBL: Bye Bye Cat's Bum

Kelly is gone. The right result. If I had to watch another week of that sour faced cow, I'd switch off. Nice to see the little alliance collapse too, that sort of stuff always pisses me off. Next week hopefully Courtney will get the arse (fnarr, fnarr), and that should be the end of all the silly buggers.