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A family without a black sheep is not a typical family.

Henry was not the best behaved boy this Christmas Day just gone. I am hoping that the ten thousand push ups I've forced him to do will sharpen up his act!

Brown girl in the ring (Tra ra la la La)

So this Christmas afternoon saw us venture down to Nutgrove Beach down in Sandy Bay to check out their new playground. The playground is fine, the local kids, less so... That said, I did get to try out the new-fangled 'panorama' option on the camera [click to enlarge].

Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.

Christmas has come and [halfway] gone already. Satan Claws made an appearance, and left a whole bunch o' stuff, ate some biscuits, drank some orange juice and fed the reindeer some carrots. The lads were excited, and now we're napping. Of course, I won as well. Most importantly for this blog, a new camera has arrived. I took her through her paces as Ez and Jen gobbled up their turkey [above]. Earlier, Ez and I went for some moody black and white action [below]. Then we tried to get Henry in on the action, but he was less keen [below]. What is even better: the sun is out and the beach beckons for a late afternoon stroll! Ez is planning to bring Henry's new guitar along to serenade any beach babes we might meet along the way.

Something must happen!

Look out behind you! It's Father Christmas and he's got a reindeer! Merry Christmas Eve everybody.

There are four kinds of people in this world: cretins, fools, morons, and lunatics.

Nothing says Christmas in Tasmania more than 舞狮 . Yes, the lion dance! This lion was spotted foxtrotting down Argyle Street during the Hobart Christmas parade, clearing away stray elves and Christmas goths in order to make way for an impressive and colourful dragon. Have a Christmas Eve story! Trudy A mere slip of a girl, Trudy had the filthiest mouth this side of the docks. Yet she had the face of an angel. Uncouthness aside, she possessed a razor sharp mind, particularly vis-a-vis her two favourite subjects: men and desire . Men, Trudy believed, were simple creatures. Her theory was straightforward: for the most part, men were slaves to their desires, particularly those of a sexual nature. Holding court with her merry brand of brightly-branded acolytes, Trudy would reflect on the topic for hours. “Even the most educated of men – if in possession of a fully functioning [ahem] member – is a hair’s breadth away from the condition of slavering dog. A mere hint of breast or thi

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.

Henry and some bubbles on his second birthday. Look at those cheeks.

All of the true things that I am about to tell you are shameless lies.

This photograph is obviously an old one. How do I know? You'll note those obnoxious idiots pesky rascals wanna be pirates brave eco-warriors from the Sea Shepherds and their vessel H.M.A.S. Steve Irwin docked down at Hunter Street pier. [Note: I am not a fan of the Sea Shepherds, and I don't like whales. I also don't like dolphins. I do like Great White Sharks and Saltwater Crocodiles. I would like to see Sea Shepherds swimming with the latter two to enhance their spirituality .]

Selfish men make the best lovers. They're prepared to invest in the women's pleasures so that they can collect an even bigger dividend for themselves

Here's an old one of the little bloke back when he was a fair bit chubbier and armed with a toothbrush. I reckon that he looks a little like a bond villain in this one. If so, what would be the title of the film?

A lot of idiots you are, selling your own birthright for a saucer of cold porridge!

Another day, another photo from Seven Mile Beach! Christmas is coming, and nothing says Christmas in Australia like the beach. Last year, after a morning spent unwrapping stuff and a nap, we spent Christmas afternoon at the beach , and I'm hoping that the weather allows us to continue that tradition. It beats snow!

I would sum up my fear about the future in one word: boring.

Henry is keen on cuddles. The trouble is he often sneaks up unannounced. This can often lead to misunderstanding.

We are all going to die. its only a matter of time.

Here we are atop Mount Wellington again, trying to see Antarctica. Unfortunately, the view doesn't extend much beyond the Tasman Peninsula, and the rocks are already obsfucating things as it is. Bloody rocks. You can, however, see the offing . I love the offing . I have another day off, which will mean two three day weeks running. I could get used to a three day week, no worries. Three sleeps to Satan Claws. Are you excited yet?

Whether women are better than men I cannot say- but I can say they are certainly no worse.

You've seen Henry with a koala - twice - now here is Ezra and Jen too! You might note that the koala itself is very much on the nod . The key reason here is, in the politest manner I can manage, it is stoned . Yes, sitting around eating eucalyptus leaves renders you in a Keef Richards-like state of Zen, where toddlers groping you is like water off a duck's back!

Even a liar can be scared into telling the truth, same as an honest man can be tortured into telling a lie.

When we went along to the Christmas parade, Ezra appeared more interested in these two ducks mucking about in the Hobart Rivulet than he was in the various X-mas goths, roller derby girls and blokes in skirts. Indeed Ez tried to scale a fence to join the two Pacific Blacks - that's Anas superciliosa to any twitchers out there - for a dip. I figure that as we are rapidly approaching the end of the year, I can knock of another Sunday Top Five very easily. This week: the My Favourite Five Books I've Read This Year ! That's books I've read and enjoyed, not books released this year. Death and the Penguin , Andrey Kurkov The Spy Who Came In From The Cold , John Le Carré Things Fall Apart , Chinua Achebe If this is a Man , Primo Levi Gold , Dan Rhodes Just missing the cut is a long list, the ones that stand out in the memory include: Billiards at Half-past Nine , Heinrich Böll, Border Crossing , Pat Barker, Union Street , Pat Barker, The Truce , Primo Levi, History o