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All things are difficult before they are easy.

See all those rocks out there? See that pyramid? Ezra reckons that he built that...

the fossil fish / hides in time

Jen's and Shaw's Cowfish #1. Marion Bay, March 2013. It's dead Jen. It's dead. The Fossil Fish , Christopher Middleton the fossil fish hides in time for now it is the season & all the hunters come with long clean rifles

I have frequently gained my first real insight into the character of parents by studying their children.

I finally had a chance to prove the family that Tasmania's North West Coast is the true CRAB CAPITAL of Tasmania!

There is nothing that so much gratifies an ill tongue as when it finds an angry heart.

Sunset over Bass Strait. Boat Harbour, Tasmania's North West Coast. April 2013. The Big Knockover and Other Stories , Dashiell Hammett: A collection of ten noir stories from the 1920s and 1930s. Uneven, but when he hits, he hits for the fences. C+ . England Made Me , Graham Greene: An early Greene 'entertainment'. A well constructed little morality tale set amongst the world of international finance and based in 1930s Stockholm. C+ .

A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.

It's a rock and roll damnation!

You cannot find peace by avoiding life.

Abandoned rose. Marion Bay, Tasmania. March 2013. It's Theme Thursday and my apologies for the story. It's a true story, but not a pretty one. If you're faint hearted, simply admire the picture and move way now. You have been warned. Don't worry, we'll get to the theme. Be patient and bear with me. There are two toilets in the complex where I work. One is always locked and only people who work in the complex have the key, the other is unlocked 90% of the time, but lockable. I prefer to use the locked one. On Monday morning I was ready to burst after walking in from the town and immediately went to the unlocked one, as it was closer. There is also a separate vestibule with sinks, mirrors prior to entering the business end of the equation. I sensed an evil presence as soon as I walked into the place. Now, in this toilet area there are three seated toilets and three urinals. In the seated one on the left , the cubicle was covered in urine and there

You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.

Doesn't he look delighted with this urchin?

Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger.

Precambrian quartzite #1. Rocky Cape National Park, North West Coast of Tasmania. April 2013. Wordless Wednesday. Precambrian quartzite #2. Rocky Cape National Park, North West Coast of Tasmania. April 2013.

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who walk into a room and say, 'There you are' and those who say, 'Here I am'.

Ezra managed 4.5 kms in a couple of hours strolling. A good effort.

Most of our ancestors were not perfect ladies and gentlemen. The majority of them weren't even mammals.

Oh buoy. Geilston Bay. April 2013. Sunday Stealing: The 5000 Question Meme, The Final Part Two 86. Name one thing that turns your stomach: Rampart inequity. 87. What was the last thing you paid for? Some apples. 88. Are you a coupon clipper? No, but I am open to the concept. 89. Get anything good in the mail recently? Nobody sends me anything. 90. Which would you rather take as a gym class... dancing, sailing, karate, or bowling? Of that selection, probably sailing. 91. In Star Trek people 'beam' back and forth between different places. What this means is they stand in a little tube and their molecules are deconstructed and sent to another tube somewhere else where they are reassembled. Only problem is when the molecules are deconstructed the person is dead. When they are put back together it is only a clone that has all the dead person's memories. Is the person who gets beamed the same person on both ends? Ummmmmmm... Perhaps... [Slowly moves toward th

Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds.

Raw periwinkles. In salt. Yum.

I think it's a mistake to ever look for hope outside of one's self.

Australian Hobby Falcon, or Falco longipennis . Shag Bay, Geilston Bay. April 2013. My apologies. Maybe next week...

Oh, how fine it is to know a thing or two.

Basalt, mother. Basalt! An extrusive or intrusive rock that makes up most of the world's oceanic crust.

Unreasonable haste is the direct road to error.

The corner of Davey and Murray Street. Hobart CBD. April 2013. This list was inspired by a recent foray into learning more about the Münster Rebellion (and its subsequent suppression). Yes, today's Sunday Top Five records Five Of The More Unsavoury Episodes In Human History! The German Peasants' War (1524-5) : the rich slaughter the poor. A lot. Khmer Rouge rule of Cambodia (1975-9) : a small elite faction slaughter the elite, the rich, the poor, and pretty much everyone in between. The 228 Massacre (1947): in which corrupt, wealthy interlopers kill everybody that they don't like. The Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries (1950-2): the self-appointed representatives of the poor kill the rich. And the middle classes. And the poor. The Great Purge : Stalin decides to kill everybody that he doesn't like the look off (and quite a few of his friends too).