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People will accept that a person can be an alcoholic, a dope fiend, a wife beater, but if a man doesn't drive, there's something wrong with him.

No Mr Bond… I expect you to DIE !


people stare carefully

Sometimes thinking feels a lot like sinking. Bellerive Wharf. March 2011. I’ve been tired, oh so tired for such a long time now. I seem to recall a time – somewhere about 1993 or so – where I wasn’t so tired all the time. Is this was it is to be getting old? Is it fair that we’re ‘getting old’ at age sixteen? Spring is like a perhaps hand , e.e.cummings Spring is like a perhaps hand (which comes carefully out of Nowhere)arranging a window,into which people look(while people stare arranging and changing placing carefully there a strange thing and a known thing here)and changing everything carefully spring is like a perhaps Hand in a window (carefully to and from moving New and Old things,while people stare carefully moving a perhaps fraction of flower here placing an inch of air there)and without breaking anything.

I've searched all the parks in all the cities — and found no statues of Committees.

I never knew that you could Vogue on the beach…

Hate traps us by binding us too tightly to our adversary.

Beautiful little buds in the Autumn. St Johns Park, New Town. March 2011. Surfacing is Margaret Atwood’s second published novel. Like a lot of Atwood’s work, it tackles notions of national and gendered identity, with a strong environmental theme. Plot-wise, we join a woman – who is never named – returning to her hometown in rural-Quebec to try and find her reclusive father who has gone missing. Without giving to much away, we explore the notion of ‘the past’ and experience her decent ‘wildness’ and madness. However, the mental disintegration of an already unreliable narrator presents a tough ask of the reader. Initially ‘flaky’, our unnamed protagonist's mental reasoning deteriorates sharply and enters a full-blown psychosis. Atwood constructs this in the first person, through monologues and the experience of action through the lens of the protagonist. While this allows for a thorough portrayal of a mind 'undoing itself', it doesn’t half make a tricky read on the Gleno

Briefly, you can only find truth with logic if you have already found truth without it.

What is this pose all about?


It isn't that they can't see the solution. It is that they can't see the problem.

Jen considers heading south for the winter. Calverts Beach, February 2011. Now that I have a window seat at work: I estimate that I witness a minimum of three traffic accidents every week. I estimate that I witness a minimum of nine drug deals every week. I estimate that I witness a minimum of one act of physical violence every week. I estimate that I witness a minimum of eight acts of verbal abuse every week. I estimate that I witness a minimum of twenty three violations of the TASMANIAN TRAFFIC ACT 1925 every week. If I were a police officer, I’d have the best operational reports in the State!

'Tis best to weigh the enemy more mighty than he seems.

There are snakes all around us.

Great Mates

Christ he's having fun!

We might as well die as to go on living like this.

Accept only the best in terms of secure fencing! St Johns Park, New Town. March 2011. MORE questions? Bring ‘em on! Are you a good dancer? I hold the record score for The Girl is Mine on The Michael Jackson Experience for the Wii. ‘Nuff said. What was your favourite game to play as a child? I’m not sure that it was y favourite , but “Run away from Father with the strap” was a regular feature… If you have read/seen Sophie’s Choice , do you think she made the right choice or the wrong choice? There was no right or wrong choice. That was the point. The ‘choice’ was merely a reminder of her insignificance to the system around her. The ‘choice’ was simply a more brutal way of destroying her. In fact, you can say that it was a more effective expression of totalitarian control that any amount of bullets or poisonous gas. One of the more devastating literary experiences I’ve had. How old are you in your dreams? Since the age of about twenty seven, I’ve generally been younger th

Nobody is forgotten when it is convenient to remember him.

Nuthin' more than two good lookin' dudes sittin' 'round danglin' the dingle.

The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.

Not eggshells, sea shells. Plenty of ‘em. Calverts Beach, South Arm Peninsula. February 2011. > They say that “ She sells sea shells by the sea shore”. Now, I’m no enemy of Capitalistic endeavour – despite what my critics may claim – but I do believe She , whomever She may be really is obligated to clean up after herself. Look at this mess!

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.

Cotton shorts are not ideal for swimming, Henry...

The saga continues...

Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.

Snake looking for a swim? Seven Mile Beach. March 2011. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words... Snake Deciding to romp in the dunes. Seven Mile Beach. March 2011. Here is a five-thousand word essay! Snake disappears into the grass. Seven Mile Beach. March 2011. You can see the snakes tail heading into the grass on the dunes at the left of the picture. Jen and Hen tramping right where the snake was. Seven Mile Beach. March 2011. For perspective, here's Jen and Henry heading up that very same path not that much before I spotted our slithery friend. FOOTPRINTS! Seven Mile Beach. March 2011. I got some nice shot of the belly prints too...

Circumstances are beyond human control, but our conduct is in our own power.

NUDISM! It’s the new pilates…

Something unpleasant is coming when men are anxious to tell the truth.

These drains look grumpy to me. St Johns Park, New Town. March 2011. Sunday Top Five you say? Here is The Top Five Songs Played On My Computer In The Last Three Months According To ! Be My Baby , The Ronettes Can We Fix It? , Bob the Builder Breakfast in America , Supertramp If I Fell , The Beatles Fuck You , Cee Lo Green Bob the Builder has done well to sneak in there. That should indicate the influence that Ezra has in the household. As for the others, you’ll note that I’m hip to all the new trends, me…