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Man is a clever animal who behaves like an imbecile.

I still don't reckon that it will burn...

The daughter of one of these gentlemen is pretty.

Lesbian lovers. Outside the Casino, Sandy Bay. October 2012. I like seagulls. A lot of people don't, but I do. Some people think gulls are foolish. Native Americans thought that gulls were tricksters. Richard Bach thought that they were clumsy metaphors for the patently obvious. I dunno. I like 'em. So did Chekhov. The Seagull , by Norman Dubie Chekhov, at Yalta A winter evening at the cottage by the bay, And I sat in the black and gold of the dead garden Wrapped in blankets, eating my sister’s suet pudding. The fountain was wrapped in dirty straw and Just below my property in the old Tartar cemetery There was a small funeral in progress: the widow Is wearing a purple shawl, the children are bare around The shoulders and the girls are wearing orange petals At their throats. The ashen white beards of the men Are like immaculate vests from this distance. There is nothing more intolerable than suet pudding, Unless it is the visitors. The drunken visitors

It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.


Books are a finer world within the world. 

Buildings. Murray Street, Hobart. October 2012. The Basque History of the World , Mark Kurlansky. Entertaining history of a fascinating people. Bonus points for the recipes! B . Barbed Wire: A History , Olivier Razac. A political and cultural history of barbed wire. Razac focuses on focuses on the use of barbed wire in three crucial aspects of modern history: by American ranchers during the mid/late 1800s to both parcel up land for private use and end the roaming ways of Native Americans; as an effective killer in the defensive stalemates of World War One; and lastly that of the concentration camps of World War Two. Quite French, but don't hold that against it... B . The Invisible Man , H.G. Wells. An exciting little tale of an insane anti-hero that becomes increasingly pathetic. Staring with a slight comic start, it shifts into a darker, more subtle satire. Excellent stuff. B+ .

It is one thing to show a man that he is in an error, and another to put him in possession of the truth.

Not quite ideal stone-skipping technique...

If we are to judge of love by its consequences, it more nearly resembles hatred than friendship.

Little flower. Intercity cycleway, Cornelian Bay. October 2012. A little late, but this Theme Thursday I thought that I'd share a recipe for a very special SOUP! 1 tbl ambition 1 large optimism , coarsely chopped 2 cloves of potential , crushed 2 tsp finely grated competence 2 tsp ground resilience 500 g bitter experience , peeled, coarsely chopped 4 large milestones , peeled and diced 4 cups water 1 tsp resentment 1/2 cup low-fat natural cynicism Chopped fresh circumstances , to serve Step 1 Heat a large saucepan over medium heat. Drizzle ambition. Add the optimism and cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes or until soft. Add the potential, competence and resilience. Cook, stirring, for 1-2 minutes or until aromatic. Step 2 Add the bitter experience, milestones, water and resentment. Increase heat to high. Bring to the boil. Cover and reduce heat to low. Cook for 15-20 minutes or until the ingredients are soft. Set aside to cool slightly. Step 3 Place

It is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by holding up a bank clerk.

For whatever reason, Henry and Ezra's toasted pine cone stand never really took off...

Hell isn't merely paved with good intentions; it's walled and roofed with them. Yes, and furnished too.

Silhouette. The office next to mine. October 2012. Wordless Wednesday.

It is a great act of cleverness to be able to conceal one's being clever.

I'm not certain that it will burn...

Evil always turns up in this world through some genius or other.

Me! Castray Esplanade, Hobart Waterfront. September 2012. Sunday Stealing is back! The Who Are You Meme ! 1. What is your biggest pet peeve? People's general selfishness/ lack of concern for others consistently frustrates me. 2. Where and when were you born? I was born in Burnie, Tasmania in the week that Hotel California by The Eagles was top of the Billboard charts in the US. 3. Where did your parents meet? You would have to ask them that question. I assume that it was in Melbourne, Victoria. 4. Do you have any siblings? What are/ were they like in four words? I have an older brother. He was an older brother. 5. Where do you live now, and with whom? I live in Hobart with Jen, Hen and Ez. 6. What is your occupation? I like to call myself a "Policy, Research, Communications and Academic Professional". 7. Write a full description of yourself. I'm just a sore and sorry little bot who needs to be loved. 8. To which social class do you belong?

In order that all men may be taught to speak the truth, it is necessary that all likewise should learn to hear it.

h5a Rast ich, so rost ich!

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

Tracks leading north. Hobart Freight Terminal, Mcvilly Drive. October 2012. As you know, the Internet is a wonderful place filled with the rich and varied treasures of the world holds (and no doubt some other stuff too.) The following are some things that I've had a look at in the last week. I call this: a Compendium of Click-throughs for Monday Morning... The Comedian's Comedian Podcast . Well worth a listen if you're interested in the craft... We often ask why some people choose to resist authoritarian regimes. But the better question might be why so many decide to cooperate . Misogyny in history: War on Women, Waged in Postcards: Memes From the Suffragist Era ... A good read on architectural fixations... The BBC asks Condoms: Why are we still embarrassed about using them? My theory is that it is the implication of an admission that you are still going to be putting something somewhere *you don't quite trust* (or vice versa) even though you *don't q

If you aren't rich you should always look useful.

Safety first! C'mon Ezra, workplace health and safety is no laughing matter, especially when it comes to electrical and fire safety!

We can invent only with memory.

What's the collective noun for 'bureaucrats'? Davey Street, Hobart. October 2012. Sunday Top Five ? Already?!? Okay then. My Top Five Collective Nouns! A congregation of alligators. An array of hedgehogs. A fluther of jellyfish. A deceit of lapwings. An ostentation of peacocks.