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My unconscious knows more about the consciousness of the psychologist than his consciousness knows about my unconscious.

Ezra the convict. Historic Coal Mines Site, Saltwater River. August 2013. Murder on the Orient Express , Agatha Christie: This book moves along beautifully - as the best Agatha Christie novel do. Moreover, even though this one has become a clichéd trope referenced by everyone from The Simpsons to the Muppets, it remains as fresh and surprising as ever. Someone has been murdered. The victim is not very nice. The murder took place on The Orient Express while stranded in a snow drift. There is a colourful array of characters, all of whom are suspect is varied and unusual. Hercule Poirot just happens to be on the train and the solution to the mystery is a pure head scratcher. Well worth your time. B . Henry on the ferry. Bruny Island. September 2013.