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A kindersher saichel iz oichet a saichel.

Running is a means of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. Here Henry demonstrates the appropriate gait one might use when escaping a rogue shark or crocodile that strikes as you inspect boats in a marina. Well done Henry!

The pure products of America / go crazy

Achtung! Lord Street, Sandy Bay. October 2011. Everywhere you look are signs that all around us, danger lurks... To Elsie , William Carlos Williams The pure products of America go crazy— mountain folk from Kentucky or the ribbed north end of Jersey with its isolate lakes and valleys, its deaf-mutes, thieves old names and promiscuity between devil-may-care men who have taken to railroading out of sheer lust of adventure— and young slatterns, bathed in filth from Monday to Saturday to be tricked out that night with gauds from imaginations which have no peasant traditions to give them character but flutter and flaunt sheer rags—succumbing without emotion save numbed terror under some hedge of choke-cherry or viburnum— which they cannot express— Unless it be that marriage perhaps with a dash of Indian blood will throw up a girl so desolate so hemmed round with disease or murder that she'll be rescued by an agent— reared by the state and sent out at fifteen to work in

There is nothing deep down inside us except what we have put there ourselves.

CAGES . A simple solution to unruly children!

A lion is made up of the lambs he's digested, and I've been reading all my life.

The bus won't be far away now. Hobart GPO, Elizabeth Street. October 2011. Just the one book finished this week, although that was enough to push me past my nominated 85 book challenge at the beginning of the year (more on that later). This week it was Doris Lessing's The Fifth Child . Billed as a "contemporary gothic horror", it centres on the unravelling of a serene family-life upon the arrival of their fifth child. I'm not sure about this book. I think that I can grasp the key themes: modern society's drift from its more brutal past, the notion of a maternal bond, the authoritarian character and the thin veneer of civility. I'm just not convinced of the characters. I'm not sure how I'm to feel about the characters, and hope that the sympathy I felt for the 'monster' at the centre of the piece is a fair result. Nonetheless, it is a decent read and can be recommended. I'd avoid it if you're expecting a baby any time soon tho

The dog that trots about finds a bone.

Henry and a little friend consider their next move. Careful children, there be plovers hooded lapwings about...

To those who have exhausted politics, nothing remains but abstract thought.

Seen better says. The Derwent Estuary, as seen from Errol Flynn Reserve. October 2011. Theme Thursday again, and far be it from me to try and give you some kind of cheap THRILL by penning a brief Drabble inspired by the above tired boat. But I shall. He loved that boat like he loved his wife. In many ways she resembled the little runabout: THRILLing to begin with; developing into a sturdy and dependable relationship of shared joy. And it was. Eventually his eye was drawn to bigger, flashier models. Faster, sleeker, smoother and seemingly capable of giving him whole new range of experiences. She knew it too. It wasn’t quite resentment and it wasn’t quite resignation. There was anger. Nobody likes being taken for granted, especially after giving your all for so long. So early one evening, amidst a gentle chop, over the side he went.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

One day there will be so many bubbles that the children will disappear completely!

Nothing is a greater impediment to being on good terms with others than being ill at ease with yourself.

What's up with that? Regent Street, Sandy Bay. October 2011. Busy busy busy!

Desire is the very essence of man.

Not a word of a lie: Henry wrote every single letter himself.

In diving to the bottom of pleasure we bring up more gravel than pearls.

Everywhere I look, seagulls! Geilston Bay, October 2011. Another day, another Q and A! Today this is the Questions Galore Meme, Part 2 ... 21. What was the last song you listened to that wasn’t sung in English? If Laura Branigan's Ti Amo doesn't count, probably the '80s Soviet beat combo Кино ('Kino') doing Группа крови ( Blood Type ). 22. Do you let meme authors know when you hate their memes? No. Why? I just wouldn't do it. 23. What TV show would you like to be on? Something that pays well for very little. 24. What was the last video game you played? Madden NFL 2011 on the PSP. 25. Have you ever been in a musical? If yes, do tell. Alas, I have nothing to tell. 26. Do you follow your own style or everyone else’s? I have my own indomitable style. 27. What’s the last store you bought from? Coles. 28. In retrospect, have you ever let a person use you a lot? That has never been a trait of mine. Unless you count children. If you do, all the time

Always desire to learn something useful.

HTML Online Editor Sample FLO WER POW ER!

Equality may perhaps be a right, but no power on earth can ever turn it into a fact.

It's raining again. Princes Street, Sandy Bay. October 2011. Yes, we know that that Internet is a wonderful place filled with all the rich and varied treasures that the world holds (as well a videos of fellows and horses in uncomfortable poses). The following are some things that I've had a look at in the last few week. I call this: a Compendium of Click-throughs for Monday Morning ... The ever-reliable Ben Goldacre explains why so much of what is reported in the mainstream media on "science" is rubbish ... A website full of pictures of women looking dissatisfied in bed ... A listening party from NPR with three members of Wilco to discuss their (magnificent) new album... A fantastic article on my favourite vegetable from the Smithsonian magazine, How the Potato Changed the World ... Four charts that explain what Wall Street protesters are angry about ... A great interview from The Guardian with Jarvis Cocker about the state of music today. I agree with his

Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men.

Henry has chosen to explore creatively the notion of man's inhumanity to man, woman and the environment through the wonders of modern interpretive dance. I was there with a camera to witness it.

Evolution (in reverse) of a birthday cake

Henry opted for a dinosaur this year. Tricky, but not impossible. I eschewed the T-Rex. Note the colourful cakes. Fossilised remains?

Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.

Happy birthday Henry! Geilston Bay, October 2011 Can you believe it? Henry is FIVE today. FIVE! Intense preparations forbid me to dwell too long on today's Sunday Top Five : The Top Five This Will Hurt Me Blog Posts On Henry's Birthday Party-Related Events Throughout History! A short and sweet series for first birthday party... Parts EIN and ZWEI of birthday party two... Photograph , video and CAKE from party #3... Shark attack from birthday number FOUR ...You'll see number five on this list later today!