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Bomber Henry

Blue is dumb

Damien has proven to be as big a cop out merchant as Gerard. At least Jules stood by her decision (even if I think that it was the wrong one). For Damien to wimp out too weeks running, AND THEN try and blame others, well, I guess it helps explain why he got to 210 kilos. I still feel sorry for Laura. She's done a heap better than P’eta, who for some reason has everyone fooled. Laura has lost more weight each week, despite weighing 30 kilos less, and everyone keeps crapping on about how great P’eta is and how useless Laura is. I don’t get it. Voting for Michael over Gerard is a dumb as the red teams call on Alex over the bitchy three. Also, it was so heart-warming to see Gerard true to form and quit during the swim, on the first day back at training: "Oh god, this water's too wet! I can't swim in this! I prefer a dryer sort of water! It's too hard!" For Damien to whine about Gerard at this point is nauseating. Unfortunately, his attitude has left me with on