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Not to be loved is a misfortune, but it is an insult to be loved no longer.

Ez has very much taken to the little cars down at the Play Group. Indeed, he's already started trying to impress the chicks with the subtle use of a languid elbow draped out of the window and the kind of disinterested gaze normally associated with a young Mel Gibson. Oh, and no anti-semetic rants, thankfully.

How can a rational being be ennobled by anything that is not obtained by its own exertions?

This is art (apparently), from down in Salamanca a couple of months ago. I know that i is really a pile of faux-plaster animal bones and some moss. An environmental theme. I have to see, that theme is so worn out I can't even begin to manage to take the piss out of it. Life has lost its joy!

Every political good carried to the extreme must be productive of evil.

Here is a photo of Henry mere seconds after he has awoken from his afternoon nap. He's a bit stroppy, as usual.

Every man is fully satisfied that there is such a thing as truth, or he would not ask any question.

Mount Wellington as seen from Salamanca Place in the early afternoon. A clichéd shot, I know, but I see it most days of the week a few times, so you'll have to forgive me for taking the odd photograph. I have a confession to make: I am struggling. As this blog nears 1,500 posts, I find myself crunched by professional and personal demands. Alas, it seems that my creative output is drying up like a goldfish that has found itself outside of its bowl. I can [just about] maintain the photos, but am struggling with the text at the moment. It's not simply a matter of time - although I'll be honest and say that the constraints are real - but a complex mix of a dearth of energy , inspiration and opportunity . For that, I can only apologise, and offer my sincere hope that normal service will return as the weather brightens.

Law is born from despair of human nature.

" EZRA! Get off the phone already! " Honestly, all of these phone calls to supermodels is going to send me broke...

A man should be mourned at his birth, not at his death.

The usual excuses lead me to declare a Theme Thursday quickie again this week. Above, you can see Parliament House here in Tasmania bathed under a suitably ominous layer of cloud. I do like what they’ve done with the flowers at the front, however. Very neat and tidy... One might say that the garden is not at all WILD. How’s that for a take on the theme? I know that you’re disappointed. I’m disappointed too.

Wherever you are is the entry point.

Hairy Henry is back to delight the subcontinent! I think that he looks like [an incredibly pale] Imran Khan here. Like a TIGER , they say...

Seldom ever was any knowledge given to keep, but to impart; the grace of this rich jewel is lost in concealment.

No blue in the sky today, we're back to hours and hours and hours of non-stop rain. That said, I can still fondly recall the seagulls gracefully searching for chips in that big blue sky of last Friday... As ever, I am remain incredibly busy, and can only apologise for neglecting you all terribly .

Oh, how empty is praise when it reflects back to its origin!

This is the bit where I tell you that Ez is so cute because he looks like me. He's asleep here, and fingers crossed that the same will be true by the time this post hits the 'net!

Art is the final cunning of the human soul which would rather do anything than face the gods.

Here we are looking up at the Hydro building one morning last week. Christ I have been busy!

What amazes me the most is to see that everyone is not amazed at his own weakness.

At the moment, Henry is concentrating on keeping it real . Yeah, he's from the hood , and he's all that . Some think he's ballin' , but in reality he's just parlayin . He ain't no new jack , but he is phat . We be just kicking it old school . Alight ?

If you want to be an orator, first get your great cause.

A firm rope is needed to keep me at work today, especially given this shocking cough that I seem unable to shake off. These ropes, however, are not shackled to me; rather, they are all that keeps the pirate brig tourist pleasure craft Windward Bound from pillaging the penguins who make Macquarie Island their home. If only I had a rope, however, for I am due in a three hour meeting shortly. Jesus, save me...

To be as good as our fathers we must be better, imitation is not discipleship.

One of the most sincere wishes that I have of my two lads is that in every way they turn out better than me .

I have read descriptions of Paradise that would make any sensible person stop wanting to go there.

I'm continuing to use up my stockpiled winter photographs, a foggy morning down by the waterfront can be seen above. That said, the morning THIS fine September morning is bright and clear, with the sound of the washing machine doing its magic as the line steadily fills up today. Indeed, I expect it to be filled with handkerchiefs alone, judging by the past week around these parts! Time for the Sunday Top Five . I thought I'd go a little educational today, and list the Top Five Moneyspinners For The Tasmanian Economy ! Tasmania has a reasonably diverse economy with lots of different exporters. In the main, we export to Asia, and Japan being easily our largest single receiver of goods and services. 1. Processed metals : here it is all about zinc and aluminium. 2. Tourism : and growing. As soon as Henry and Ezra hit H B ollywood, it will only grow more. 3. Manufacturing : a broad brush, I know, but we're talking here about textiles, marine machinery, automotive components