Thursday, January 07, 2010

I know beginnings, I know endings too, and life-in-death, and something else I'd rather not recall just now.

Occasionally, Henry looks like a younger, cleaner cut Keef Richards.

I need to get him a bandanna.


Roddy said...

Bandana! Why didn't you mention bandana? I have a number here. See me tomorrow, I will give the boy one or two or more.

yamini said...

Hiya Henry!!! How are you? It looks quite warm and sunny out there in Hobart. Its time for us to wish for a little sunshine here in Delhi, especially with the past few days being all foggy, cold and dull.

Books and an espresso cup... said...

Hi! Kris,
a cut and paste job!
Thanks,for sharing Henry's photo up close and personal.
DeeDee ;-D

Brian Miller said...

nice pic!

uncertainhorizon said...

i can send him a bandana from America, if ya want!

Kris said...

Thanks all, I am happy for him to have a bandanna, but not to tie around his knee!