Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Learn as much by writing as by reading.

A flock of Eastern Rosella (Platycercus eximius) grazing away at Geilston Bay High School, April 2010.

At the moment there are a good eighty-odd Platycercus eximius currently calling the grounds of Geilston Bay High School home. A fiery parrot, these buggers don't take "no" for an answer.

Indeed, just the other day, Henry, Ezra and I could be seen fighting tooth and nail with a gang of the crimson hooded toughs. It got so willing, that the crimson masks were so widespread that you could differentiate between man and beast!


Roddy said...

Who's train of thought do you subscribe to? The rosella is indigenous to Tasmania or the theory that they have only recently arrived?
One thing that I do know and that is that they are now in vast numbers.

Vince said...

fabulous heading for this post Krispy. I love all those little brightly-coloured rosellas & parrots and similar critters - there are some really lovely parrot-sized birds on Bruny Island I noticed when we were last over there at Dennes Pt.

Kris said...

Roddy, the rosellas were here first.

Vince! You're alive!