Sunday, August 22, 2010

There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.

Shark bait on Bellerive Beach looking west over Sandy Bay. Bellerive, August 2010.

What a miserable day today. The best Sunday Top Five I can come up is My Top Five Things That I Can Say About It:
  • "Sucked in Australia."

  • "Told you so."

  • "Enjoy it."

  • "Dear oh dear."

  • "..."


me said...

My initial thought this morning was #5 followed by #4.

Wake me when it's 2013.

Kris said...

The people generally get the government that they deserve.

Roddy said...

What happened in Hobart? Andrew Wilkie? Doesn't Judy's boy get a look in? Come on Greens. See sense and give your preferences the right way!
Sorry Kris, I got carried away.

Kris said...

Denision is full of idiots. Franklin is where it's at.

Julie said...

Your Top 5 just about covers it. I had to admit it but Tassie is way progressive than the state in which I live ... which I am not even prepared to type.

Kris said...

Julie, who would have thought Mr Abbott held any attraction whatsoever. One might be forgiven for people not being able to differentiate between state and Federal politics...