Saturday, June 16, 2012

You specialize in something until one day you find it is specializing in you.

Not that my children have (wisely) embraced Australian Rules Football and the mighty Essendon Bombers, Henry and I have been working very hard on his fundamentals. His endurance and speed is top notch and while his handballing needs a bit of work, it is not bad for a fellow of his age. He's getting the hang of keeping his eyes on the ball and is thus improving his marking in leaps and bounds. On that, he has a fair bit of spring in his step, so his leaps and bounds are very strong.

Where he lets himself down is in the kicking department. He reminds me a little of Michael Symons, poor technique and prone to rush it. Next stop, electrodes.


Roddy said...

I honestly believe that the older style game gave a better quality game.
All I can say is practise your kicking and it may improve.
Mine never did.

Kris said...

He was a little better today. It was the first 'game' we had at Auskick. Under lights!