Thursday, June 19, 2008

In der Kunst ist das Beste gut genug

I left work yesterday to find a remarkable looking sky. I took a couple of snaps, but can’t say that I am totally satisfied with them, but then again, I never am. I am like Steve Waugh you see, never satisfied.

There is a reason that I have quoted Goethe in the title today. In English, I understand the quote as:
In art the best is good enough.

High achievers like myself, Steve Waugh and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe all struggle because of our have terribly high standards. Consequently, we are labelled as mad, obsessed or inaccessible. It is a terrible burden, divine genius.

[Insert smiley face here.]

[UPDATE: I have followed the advice of Freefalling and made this particular photo a little larger. I will use this new power judiciously. For those interested, I generally like to upload photos around 1080 x 810 pixels, which is a decent size. If anyone wants a bigger copy, I am happy to forward them on upon request.]


Dan said...

I like the pic Kris. Healthy dissatisfaction is a source of motivation and the engine for creativity.

Have you looked into High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography? You might google it and see what you get. My guess is that passing this through an HDR workflow could bring out more details in the buildings and drama in the fantastic sky. This is already a great pic, but if you are looking for more you might investigate this.

nobu said...

Hello Kris.
It's a beautiful photo.
And you have a gut.
The colour of the sky in distance
make me fell the depth of the street.
Thanks for giving me a good senery.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a beauty.

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Clare said...

This is a beautiful shot... I like the silhouettes :)

Priyanka Khot said...

Generally, its a picture that grabs my attention on various blogs that I visit. But in your case I love to read your write-ups more. Not taking anything away from the photo, but i prefer your writings and the hint of narcissism (something i believe i have too)in your words.

Rose said...

From where I stand your photo is lovely but the best photos I have are all in my memory... they are of moments that no camera nor photographer could capture their beauty...
Yours might be one of them...

Jackie said...

As a fellow genius I feel your pain! ;)

Actually I always get embarrassed when people compliment my photos, which I think are OK but not amazing, especially compared to others I see on flickr. But hey, if they're good enough to bring a bit of pleasure to people, I guess I can live with that :D

Ken said...

Its a really nice photo.

freefalling said...

Sometimes a photo that looks good big, doesn't look so good small.
Could you try making it bigger?
Not that I don't actually like this photo - I do, but I reckon it would be so much more effective big.
As you may have noticed on my blogs, I enjoy a large photo - (probably because I'm as blind as a bat).
I just change the bit in the edit html bit from s400 to s800, but your photo has to be about 50kb.
Today, I have a really imperfect photo on Poof - and It's Gone - taken through the filthy windscreen at 110km and I reckon it looks rool purdy.

BTW - sorry I keep referring to my other blogs - I don't do it in a shameless ploy to increase my traffic - I just wanna show ya stuff.

Also, I reckon you'd like the photos over at
he's one of my favourites.

Kris McCracken said...

Thanks all for the kind comments, they are much appreciated.