L'union fait la force.

Here you can see the tremendous twosome – plus a snippet of Jennifer’s hair – in the bath yesterday afternoon.

Henry has very much stepped up his game with regards to his big brotherly duties; whether it is fetching nappies, giving Ez a kiss and a cuddle or just saying goodnight, he has been vigilant in his approach of late.

I am not sure, but I do feel that the threat of one Satan Claws (as I like to call him), and his notorious wrath of all things naughty appears to have compelled this good run of form.


Such angelic eyes...how could they ever do anything wrong?
Anonymous said…
That is a magnificent picture.
USelaine said…
And those smiles! Sweet!
Anonymous said…
What a great portrait. One for the wedding reception in a few years' time I guess :)
Vince said…
fabulous photo - they have Jen's eyes.
Kris McCracken said…
Diva, that's what they want you to think!

Hallam, I like it.

USelaine, they were pretty good this weekend, even given the arrival of a new tooth for Ez.

Jackie, if they have any sense they will follow their father's footsteps and run off and elope!

Vincenzio, you're finally here!
Becky said…
This photo made me smile. They are beautiful boys, and you have certainly been blessed.

Thanks, too, for the Christmas greeting. I wish I had your motivation!

Happy holidays to you and yours - how can they be anything but jolly with these two around? :)
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