Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Those only are happy (I thought) who have their minds fixed on some object other than their own happiness.

and i never really knew what was going on but blue lights red lights all around so window open scarper down street wanting all the time find out fuss i never even knew the girl by now i feel sick and taste bile need a drink need a smoke i don't even smoke drinking down the drunken admiral send you all my regards you're so tough you're so hard rain's coming down now sleep's well clear so west is the go go west young man and the lights on cambridge road stretch out and invite how i'd like to stop here right here with someone like you the gulf between the things i want and the things i need but watch out watch out don't trust anyone these days wait and think and think and think nothing of it of course if i were five years young ten years prettier if i was fifteen how things would be different but it's the drink and a longing look longing for that look could it be could it be no up to your old tricks again never to be trusted never be seen never saw always sore and every day every day every day full of loathing fear fear the fear the big thing and it's head in hands full of dread when i think of all i've said 3 o'clock morning cold darkness bright but i don't get along with myself and i'm not too keen on anyone else what a terrible mess i've made of my life yet to pretend to be happy could only be sheer idiocy it's not about me anymore it's the street it's the town it's the world and all it took was a dark haired girl from karlsruhe to open up my eyes I used to be a sweet boy

Here is a question: do you think that individuals, or indeed society more generally, are less resilient than times gone by? If so, how might we change that?


yamini said...

Have u written this urself??

I like going through such posts of urs coz it gives one a chance to read with an open mind, without expecting anything particular. Kind of a mental exercise such posts are!!!

And about the question in the post: I agree that people today have become less resilient because we are used to so many luxuries in life, right from the bottled water to pre-cooked food, to cars at the doorstep and air-conditioned shopping malls.

We have forgotten what it is to walk a distance or wash laundery with ur own hands.

Since we are not doing any great physical work (Except for the natural act of procreation) in our daily lives, we feel huffing and puffing even at the slightest indication of hard labour.
So, let us throw out the washing machines, cars, air-conditioners, out of our lives and embrace the washing tub+soap+scrubber, the good-old tram or bus and fresh, cool air, to bring back resilience in our lives.

Ahh, now I feel good and nice. Preaching is, by God, the best way to de-stress in life. Nothing better than telling others what to do.


G said...

Cool pic. Nice play of the blue off the black and white background.

Kris said...

Yamini, I wrote this in 1997.

People should be ashamed of themselves, the state that we've reduced ourselves to!

Kris said...

G, the green in the original overwhelmed the colour of the flowers, so I removed it!