Sunday, October 18, 2009

Über Naive und Sentimentalische Dichtung.

A quiet Sunday morning, looking over the Derwent River to the colourful boat houses lined up along Cornelian Bay. What could be finer?

I'm sending Henry and Ezra out this morning to snare scallops, pinch prawns, filch flounder, and generally bring back the bounty of the sea! There they are in the boat. Can you see them?

Look very, very closely...

Sunday Top Five!

My Top Five Vessels Of The Sea!

5: the Golden Hinde

4: the Potemkin

3: Queen Anne's Revenge

2: Norfolk

1: HMS Bounty.

My apologies to the Empress of Australia.


Carola said...

Nice to have a German titel, but it should be "Über naive und sentimentale Dichtung". And I like the titel.

My Top Five Ships:
1. Endeavour
2. Spray
3. Joshua
4. Northern Light (our friends boat, they stayed a winter in Antarctica)
5. Wal (our boat)

Kris, do you really do fishing?

Carola said...

Kris, I forgot: The photo is great, love it, and it fits perfect to the titel.

Sue said...

I think I just see the top of Henry's head...he must be lying down having a kip or lying low so he can sneak up on unsuspecting squid! Is that the the tip of Ez's snorkel I see also?

Roddy said...

I think someone is lending me as I don't see anything or anyone.
I'm very distressed as I considered the Empress to be the greatest ship ever built. Do I sound biased enough?

Kris said...

Carola, a good list.

And Schiller uses ‘sentimentalisch’, not ‘sentimental’, and the sense is perhaps a compound of the reflective and the slightly sentimental!

Thus there was more to it than my rubbish German.

Kris said...

Sue and Roddy, they are there!