Sunday, November 22, 2009

Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself.

Blue sky. Blue-green water. Healthy seaweed. It can only be Seven Mile Beach in Spring.

Of course, this isn't today. Today it's grey and raining. This is a weekday a couple of weeks' back.

Time for the Sunday Top Five!

In the wake of top international statesman imbicile Hugo 'Boca Grande' Chavez's recent attempt to rehabilitate misunderstood altruists Robert Mugabe, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the dearly departed Idi Amin, I nominate five others that the Latin American strongman moron might turn to next:
5) Yoko Ono: "The fascist, imperialist and capitalistic dogs of the West could not stand an invader from the East..."

4) Pol Pot: "Pol suffered for being little more than a cheeky chappy with a big dream from a developing country..."

3) Gary Glitter: "The Fascist, imperialist, immoral Western pigs hate Gary because of his close links with the Third World..."

2) Adolf Hitler: a challenge, I know. How about "a great patriot who only wanted the best for his people but was stifled by the imperialist U.S. pigs..."? This will take something special.

1) George W. Bush: Nah. This is a bridge too far for even dear Hugo...


Roddy said...

Garry Glitter? Do you think the little kiddies could forgive?
Adolf Hitler? As I have always said, Adolf was a little misunderstood. He also tended to take things just that little too far. His ideas, however had merit.
George H. perhaps?

Kris said...

Poor Gary...