Sunday, November 15, 2009

He who is ignorant of other languages is ignorant of his own.

Here we are sat astride Mount Wellington and looking towards the south east. No, it isn't high enough that you can see Antarctica, but that crescent-shaped bay there is Opossum Bay. Rumour has it that Abel Tasman named it so when he spotted millions of opossums body surfing in the bay, before retiring off the smoke joints in the sand and make out with each other. "Oh possums!" he [allegedly] exclaimed.

Or not.

Further behind you can see the broader Tasman Peninsula, which includes Port Arthur, once known for it's large and - for the time - innovative penal colony. Now it's known for something different.

Sunday Top Five!

Ezra's Vocabulary
1. "Thank You"

2. "Mama"

3. "Dadda"

4. "Oooh Ya"

5. "Bye Bye"

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