Monday, December 14, 2009

The past and future are veiled; but the past wears the widow's veil; the future, the virgin's.

It's Monday, and I have taken the day off. That can only mean one thing: the Messiah is coming! I even have a sign on top of a van to prove it.

That said, not even the Messiah can prevent the tardy motorist getting a parking ticket down here in Salamanca. Word on the street has it that Joseph and Mary's donkey - Nigel, I do believe was his name - was ticketed as they browsed through the ridiculous tat innovative arts and craft that you can find in the tourist district.


yamini said...

Hi Kris/Jen/Henry/Ez,

Sorry for not visiting in a long time, was busy with my brother's marriage, which took place on November 29, 2009.

However, with the first post itself, I stand assured that you haven't lost your touch. The post was amusing and yes, wishing all of you a very, very, very joyous festive season ahead (Rest of the greetings will follow soon...).

Take care

Roddy said...

You my son work in the tourist district. Aren't you fortunate that you don't drive a motor vehicle and or donkey.
If the messiah arrives at your place of work tell him I have a thing or two to ask. Don't however give him my mobile number.
Nigel, eh? How do you say that in Hebrew?

Dina said...

It first I though the van would be of Chabad.

Kris said...

It's an odd place, Salamanca.