Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well begun is half done.

The fine features of the Hyro building in Hobart.

Sunday Top Five Eleven!

Today's list is in celebration of Tasmania's epic run chase to defeat Western Australia on Friday, which saw rookie wicketkeeper Brady Jones snare two fours off the last two balls of a four day game, with no wickets to spare. It is only fitting then that today I offer up my Top Five Eleven Favourite Tasmanian Tigers!

I've tried to keep a balanced squad, but top be honest, my distaste for the two most famous Tasmanian cricketers - Ricky Ponting and David Boon - has seen me pass them over at the selection table. Similarly, two imports - Michael Beven and Shane Watson - have also been overlooked because, well, I've never liked 'em. Thus, the side is not the strongest batting lineup ever seen. That said, if we have a green top and a bit of cloud in the sky, I'd wager that my pace attack would keep any scores very low.

McCracken's Tasmanian Tigers All-Time Squad

Jamie Cox: Wynyard's finest, Cox should have played for Australia, but as always, selectors couldn't or wouldn't look beyond Queensland or NSW.

Dene Hills: Wynyard's second finest, Hills was spoken of as a relacement for Geoff Marsh way back when. Never got the nod, unfortunately.

Scott Mason: a real trier and great team man. Died far too young.

Dirk Wellham (C): most fondly remembered down in the Apple Isle for the time that he hit that annoying intellectually disabled Carlton fan (is their any other kind?) "Barb" in the face with his bat, Dirk was a real bastard. Just what a captain needs to be!

Danny Buckingham: as wide as he was tall, the Burnie boy had a feast for runs only matched for his love of meat pies.

Sean Clingeleffer: I'm saddened that Clinger is now a past Tiger, but heartened that it was his performance in the victorious Shield final that really saw us home!

Richard Hadlee: the first of our one year international ringers, Hadlee strengthens the batting lineup, and also chips in as one of the greatest bowlers to ever play the game...

Dennis Lillee: speaking of which... Lillee played a season down here as part of his surprise comeback to the game. He was picked as the only bowler in Wisdon's five greatest cricketers in the twentieth century.

Michael Holding: Whispering Death was Holding's nickname. Ask Geoff Boycott whether he could bowl.

Colin Miller: I've picked funky Miller more for his first rate off spin, rather than his handy seamers of lusty lower order hitting. He brings a bit of balance to the attack, and the presence of four other quicks means that he can concentrate on the offies. Note, he will be wearing the green hair for this game.

Ben Hilfenhaus: Another product of Tasmanian's north west coast (the source of our finest men), the Hilfenstud is Tassie's most recent (and sixth, in total) test cricketer. He'll work well in tandem with Hadlee and can be the workhorse of the crew.

[At twelth Man: Brett Geeves: Banger Geeves is my favourite non-Hilfenstud Tiger. Very handy with the bat, and a legitimate chance at a test cap. Watch this space.]

My apologies to Bruce Cruse, Mick Farrell, Alistair DeWinter and a host of other hopeless cases from the barren years of bottom placings on the Shield laddder...


Roddy said...

I like the angles on the building.

Books and an espresso cup... said...

Hi! Kris,
The Hyro building in Hobart...architecture is
very interesting.

kris said,"Today's list is in celebration of Tasmania's epic run chase to defeat Western Australia on Friday,..."
Now that is over my...head,
but thanks for sharing!

DeeDee ;-D

me said...

Everyone forgets about Funky. Didn't he once hold the record for most wickets in a Shield Season? And I'm sure he won the (slightly ridiculous) Allan Border Medal one year.

I knew Lillee & Hadlee had both played here - but Michael Holding? That's definitely a bowling lineup to be feared. Especially with Hilfenstuf leading the attack...wooo.

Kris said...

Roddy, straight lines?

Kris said...

DeeDee, cricket is easy!

Kris said...

Me, Funky was an easy choice for me. He was pretty much our only wicket taker for ten years! You have to like a bloke that opens the bowling, then switches to be the stock spinner when his opening spell finishes.

Holding was pretty good for us, the problem was we never set decent scores. I was saddened to leave out another import, the under-rated Franlyn Stephenson.

Roddy said...

Check out the way they angle back toward the windows. Nice lines!
I hear tonight that Geeves has been called up for the next test. Go Tassie.

Anonymous said...

What about Garry Cowmeadow, Roger Wooley and the man who virtually runs English cricket these days - Keith Bradshaw. The father of Tassie cricket has to be 'Flat' Jack Simmons, though.

Kris said...

Roddy, looks a good test to have missed...

Kris said...

Anonymous, I will do my list of useless Tassie players soon. Expect to see Blignaught get a run!