Monday, January 11, 2010

The surest sign that a man has a genuine taste of his own is that he is uncertain of it.

While up in the north west, Henry decided that he wanted to road test a few pets. In the absence of a crocodile or Great White Shark farm, we headed up to the Guide Falls Alpaca Park to give their studs a bit of a run and see how Henry goes with 'em.

Here he is with "The Master".

After taking The Master through his paces, we opted to get him.

He tasted lovely!


Roddy said...

Did I miss that barbecue? That's what I get for looking over the fence whilst the rest dine.
Can Henry now work up to brumbies, or perhaps lions and tigers?

Books and an espresso cup... said...

Hi! Kris,

Kris said,"He tasted lovely!"
Please tell me that you are kidding!?!

By the way, I'am quite sure that you know this already, but those Alpaca sweaters are very...expensive!

Nice photograph of Henry with The Master. Thanks,for sharing!

DeeDee ;-D

Dina said...

Oi oi, I hope your boys don't inherit your sense of humor.

Such a brave boy, Henry.

Chris Wolf said...

in the first picture, I question who was walking whom? The alpaca sighed, "here I am, walkin' my boy...they sure smell funny. Wonder if they're chewy?" Great up-close pictures of an animal I don't know if I've ever seen.

yamini said...

Henry looks like he is out for a friendly stroll with "The Master."
Lovely picture!!!!

Anonymous said...

are alpacas and lammas the same thing?

Kris said...

Roddy, yes.

Kris said...

DeeDee, maybe we ate The Master.


Kris said...

Dina, so do I.

Kris said...

Chris, The Master appeared to know where he was headed.

Kris said...

Yamini, until we cooked him up, of course.

Kris said...

Pasadenaadjacent, llamas are much bigger.