Friday, February 19, 2010

Personal disintegration remains always an imminent danger.

Fern Glade, home to the elusive platypus up there in Burnie, throws some great reflections on the water both morning and afternoon. I always like it when you struggle to tell where the water starts and the riverbank ends.

This place used to be teeming with a subspecies of Emu (hence "Emu River"), that I fondly call "Mini Emus". They killed 'em all though. Every last one.



Magpie said...

I totally agree about enjoying pictures where that line of separation is obscure. What a sad thing that all the "mini emus" are gone.

Roddy said...

Remember when you and Jase swam in the river and we spent the afternoon at the hospital getting his leg sewn up? Wasn't that fun? No really,it is a good spot to wile away a few hours. Those were good days. Pity we have to grow up!
Magpie. The white people were hungry!

Kris said...

Magpie, maybe we could clone them back.

Kris said...

Roddy, I'll be right.