Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.

Almost one year on from a previous post, the Diamond Princess is back, and some blokes are fiddling about below!

It's the main problem with these big tourist vessels: wealthy passengers are so haphazard with their diamond tiaras and lobster claws, always dropping them over the side and scratching the Duco. Some poor mug (or two) always ends up each morning down with a can of paint and a roller, touching up the marks.

Tut tut. That's the problem with the inconceivably wealthy, no respect!


Magpie said...

Yes, that's how I lost my favorite tiara!! :) I must make amends.

Carola said...

Great photo Kris!
We came just down the Amazon. Not a cruise ship - local transport. And the scratches on this ship come from little kanus, entering the ship. You can watch it here on our video:

ArtSparker said...

Maybe they are fishing for tiaras, or the fish that swallowed the tiaras.

Kris said...

Magpie, it's your fault!

Kris said...

Carola, good stuff. We went on a little boat today, I even got a video.

Not on the Amazon though.

Kris said...

ArtS, could be. Expensive eatin'.