Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely.

Just to the north west of Seven Mile Beach, there is its somewhat lesser sibling Five Mile Beach. At certain times of the day, Five Mile Beach shows off all of the glories that can be found in a tidal flat. Not the least of which is a tendency to mirage.

Is that Garden Isle I see before thee?

Today's Sunday Top Five? In honour of the terrible twosome, I present to you my Top Five Synonyms For The Word "Disturbance"!

  • Brouhaha

  • Kerfuffle

  • Flap

  • Hullabaloo

  • Ruckus

Just missing the cut were hubbub, perturbation, tumult and good ol' maelstrom!

I feel all discombobulated now...


Roddy said...

Try my favourite: Terrorist. I trust your confusion is easing.

Magpie said...

Kerfuffle?? That's a new one to me. I think my favorite is "snit" I didn't misspell it. :)

Kris said...


I'll have to look up snit.