Thursday, March 11, 2010

Domination delegates the physical violence on which it rests to the dominated.

Can you believe it? Theme Thursday already?!?

So, the photo is again one taken on the tidal flat at Five Mile Beach, in the blazing sun. Wouldn't you know it, Ezra and Jen are re-enacting the Burke and Wills trek without HATS!

Bloody fools.

As anyone who is anyone already knows, it was the distinct lack of hats - with corks - that did poor old Wills and Burke in.

That and being a pom and an Irishman in the Australian desert.


Brian Miller said...

great pic...the clouds are so vivid...and the fam cute of course...

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Very lovely picture,
where is this taken?

Happy Thursday!





anthonynorth said...

A beautiful pic, and I do love your titles.

Tom said...

yeah, what'r ya doin' out on the tidal flat without a hat? You'll cook your brains!
happy TT

Magpie said...

Great photo...I love the sky.
Happy TT

Tracey said...

This photo is breathtaking. I could climb in and tell a tale.

Betsy said... it!

Christine H. said...

Once again, we have an example of men who didn't listen to their mothers. Nothing good can come of that. If these explorers had worn hats, perhaps their little exploration would have turned out better.

Kris said...

Thanks all, I'm really falling behind here!