Friday, March 12, 2010

I have an existential map. It has 'You are here' written all over it.

You'll note that the jetty you see before you here is the very same jetty in the blog header!


The jetty can be found here on the eastern shore, right on the edge of Bellerive. It may or may not be true that this very jetty was used as the home base of the Great Penguin Hunt of 1882, where over twenty-seven million fairy penguins were captured and processed into crumbed morsels passed off as chicken nuggets.


Steffe said...

I believe you. Or not.

KL said...

Such a beautiful scene and such a tragic story associated with it :-(. What is that house on the right side on the shore?

Roddy said...

Up close and personal with your blog header.
Your photos are a living history of Hobart and her surrounds. Thank you!

Kris said...

KL, the big round one is a casino.

Steffe, I ma glad. Or not. ;)

Roddy, consistent.