Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've got to start listening to those quiet, nagging doubts.

Tasmanians like beer. Australians like beer.

Some like it far too much.

Today's Sunday Top Five isn't really a top five, rather a grab bag five: Five Things About Tasmanians and Alcohol You Might Not Know!

  • The percentage of Serious Casualties [24+ hours hospitalisation] Involving Alcohol as a Crash Factor in Tasmania for 2007? 24%!

  • Tasmania has the highest proportion of young people aged 18-24 years of all states and territories who drink alcohol at risky or high risk levels causing short term harm (19.8%) Of course, that means 80.2% who don't!.

  • In an inversion of data around tobacco use, risky and high risk alcohol consumption causing long term harm is more prevalent among higher income groups. Of all Tasmanians with the highest household income, 17% are drinking at levels harmful to long term health, compared to 9.4% of Tasmanians with the lowest household income.

  • 15.9% of Tasmanian women consumed alcohol while pregnant in 2006. Analysis by age shows an increase in the frequency of alcohol consumption by maternal age. That is, the prevalence of alcohol consumption during pregnancy is significantly higher for women over 30 years, than it is for younger women.

  • I prefer cider to beer.


Tom said...

so what if anything is being done about this?

it's a problem in the states too, but statiscally less i'm pretty sure.

J said...

Thanks mum

Roddy said...

I too preferred cider to beer. Once! I then discovered the taste of scotch. Then bourbon. Rum was somewhere in there. These days, a fine glass of wine with my meal. Only occasionally though. About every six months, maybe.
A good cup of coffee these days does more to appease me, than all the alcohol I drank previously.

Kris said...

Tom, bits and pieces. I'm hoping for a new tax regime that includes a volumetric component on alcohol.

Kris said...

J, no problem darling.

Kris said...

Roddy, good.