Sunday, March 28, 2010

A university is a group of buildings gathered around a library.

Henry has a determined little game that involves wrapping things. The rules are quite simple, i) take one piece of material or paper; ii) lay it out on a flat surface; iii) take one thing of varied size; and iv) wrap it.

The game usually concludes by presenting the wrapped thing to whomever is present as a gift.

Of course, this is rarely the end, as one might expect at least seven or eight of such gifts until he tires of it. One day I hope to find a gold watch, or the complete two series of Deadwood on DVD; but up to now it's usually balls, rocks or rags.


lettuce said...

I remember my sister and I wrapping some of our most prized possessions as gifts - mostly for my mum.

fortunately she understood, and never expected to keep them.

(from where I sit at work, a University is a money-making operation...)

Roddy said...

What can I say. Wrap himself in love and present himself to the world. As long as he is himself then I shall ask for no more.

books,coffee,etc.... said...

Hi! Kris,
What an interesting game that Henry, have invented...I guess it is the thought that count.
By the way, I second the notion of the quote...if that is possible.

Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Kris said...

Lettuce, don't get me started on Universities these days...

Kris said...

Roddy, christ, tone it down a bit will ya!

Kris said...

DeeDee, it never ends!