Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.

Coming in to land at Hobart International Airport (as seen from Seven Mile Beach). February, 2010.

By the time that this post appears, I shall have already been up in a plane - very much like this one - and stalking the mean streets of Melbourne. I'm hoping that I manage to escape the hotbed of gangland mayhem and murder without a hit being taken out on me.

Thankfully, three things rest in my favour: i) it's a fly in and out all in the one day; ii) I'm not sure that the drug king pins are too fussed by me; iii) there is an ever increasing shortage of drug king pins to be fussed.


Magpie said...

Safe journey!

Roddy said...

I don't think a stroll across Bass Strait would be all that dry.
Did you look up your grandfather while you were in Melbourne? Ha Ha.
I can't work out why you were in Melbourne, but I trust you were successful.

Vince said...

"without a hit" being taken out on you!
hilarious !!

GO BOMBERS versus Pies on the weekend....gee that Naitanui has got lots of good things happening in the one package.


Julie said...

Did you read this take on the late-lamented CW?

Kris said...

Magpie, made it!

Roddy, into the airport, taxi to the city, into a big building, all day meeting, quick nip up the road to buy some wool, taxi to the airport, home. That was my trip!

Vince, I only just made it back. Has the football season started?

Julie, oh I enjoyed that one very much!

Roddy said...

Sounds like some of the meetings I had to attend at various times in a past life. In and gone before you even knew you had arrived. The boring bit in the middle? Sometimes we got to eat cake. Were you so lucky?