Friday, April 16, 2010

The hardest hit, as everywhere, are those who have no choice.

Why is Henry looking so sad?

Is it because we've seen (and enjoyed very much) the Hi-5 Surprise live show this afternoon, and won't see it again?


Daffodil Daze said...

We were at the morning session - it was so much fun and even my granddaughters enjoyed it!

Roddy said...

What more is there in life; after Hi Five?
How did the young Master Ezra handle it?
Was it full on energy?

Magpie said...

Look at that those big, beautiful eyes!

Kris said...

DD, I had a great time too. The boys were splendidly behaved.

They loved it Roddy.

Roddy said...

You know the worst part Kris? I missed it!

Kris said...

Roddy, you're too old.