Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the end, glorification of splendid underdogs is nothing other than glorification of the splendid system that makes them so.

We're getting the last of the Cruise Ships before Winter hits. I'm kind of surprised that they're still coming, to be honest. There were a lot of Canadians on this one. Canadians remind me of a New Zealander cross bred with an American.

In a puffy red jacket.



Magpie said...

New Zealander crossed with an that a good thing?

uncertainhorizon said...

Humm... I always thought of Canadians as what Americans could have been had they not thrown all that tea into Boston harbour.

Tash said...

Gorgeous photo! Got a side job as a scenery photographer? I like that building in the back of the ship...reminds me of 1960's Bosnia, of course.
NZ & US combo - what a thought, how aboot that?!

Kris said...

Canadian's are vaguely annoying.

Like New Zealanders.