Saturday, May 22, 2010

bright random useless

Looking west atop Mount Wellington. May 2010.

The combination of cloud, altitude, intense cold and lingering snow made me think that I could see an albino rainbow when we'd ventured up the mighty rock. Am I mad or does thou see it too?

Morning Glories
, by Mary Oliver

Blue and dark-blue
rose and deepest rose
white and pink they

are everywhere in the diligent
cornfield rising and swaying
in their reliable

finery in the little
fling of their bodies their
gear and tackle

all caught up in the cornstalks.
The reaper's story is the story
of endless work of

work careful and heavy but the
reaper cannot
separate them out there they

are in the story of his life
bright random useless
year after year

taken with the serious tons
weeds without value
humorous beautiful weeds.


merrytait said...

I sure see it--strange phenomenon!

I love Mary Oliver!

Roddy said...

I was thinking neutral rainbow. Black and white make up all other colours. Or so I was told when I went to school. Could have been science or art. I'm not too sure now.

Tracy said...

Yes, I see it! Nice.

Kris said...

Merrytait, Mary is magnificent!

Roddy, an evil rainbow?

Tracy, hoorah!