Friday, May 07, 2010

I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time.

Parliament lawns in Autumn. May 2010.

May 7.

127 days into the year.

238 days to go.

65 years since the Germans surrendered.

It's my birthday and with any luck I'll be getting presents.


Magpie said...

Happy Birthday and good luck on those present!! I'm a May baby also.

I love your photo...what awesome, huge and stately trees.

Tom said...

how can you dread a day with such wonderful scenery? oh, and happy birthday--feel old yet?

Julie said...

Yer know, you've gotta let go of that war stuff ... update yer markers.

That's what the boys can get you .. a theodolite.

Sue said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday, dear nephew! You are now at my most favourite age of all. I enjoyed being 33 with a 3yo. Tho', I didn't have a one year old at the same time! I hope you enjoy your year as much as I did. (It's all down hill from here!! heh heh)Love you!

Misfit said...

Happy Birthday! I hope all the presents are big.

lemon said...

Many many happy returns I wish you!
Your blog is an everyday oasis for me-no matter I do not comment.
My love to your nice family

Kris said...

Cheers all. I don't really like birthdays, but got some good presents this time...