Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ignorance of one’s misfortunes is clear gain.

Desolation RowShed #1 Car Park, April 2010.

Now, I've never been to America, but I have seen it on TV. Thus, I feel amply qualified to present today's Sunday Top Five: The Top Five American Cities I'd Like To Invite To Dinner:
  • Detroit: an interesting girl who's fallen on hard times. She has her charms, however.

  • Birmingham: a Southern Belle. Better keep her and Detroit apart.

  • Seattle: yeah, a bit hipster but all Apple products must be left at the door!

  • Boise: she'll be bringing the potato salad.

  • Hilo: A exotic lovely who'll no doubt bring a bit of colour.


Roddy said...

Is that a dead rear view mirror? It appears to have been torn from its body and its arteries are hanging loose.

lettuce said...

what about Birmingham UK, hmmm?

what IS that object?

Kris said...

It is indeed a dead side mirror.