Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ads that I DON'T like: #104

Perhaps the only way that you could trump the obnoxious and boorish racism at the base of today’s advertisement for coffee would indeed be eschewing coloured models at all!

I am sure that Maxwell House’s logic was one rooted in the question of why even bothering use a primitive savage when you can find two perfectly decent and upstanding white folk, get them to open up the can of boot polish and blacken themselves up for our amusement?

Dare I suggest that – tub of Kiwi aside – you would struggle to find two more Caucasian-looking characters than these two Uni revue rejects?

I hate this ad.


me said...

Where do you find these 'ads'?

Kris said...

They come from all over. I compiled a whole bunch a few years ago, but neglected to keep track of the sources, so can't cite the location.

That said, I'm down to my last two of that lot, and have got a new regular source that I will be citing beginning in a few weeks. Lots and lots of Chinese Communist propaganda in that new stuff, which amuses me no end.

Roddy said...

Come on my son, Al Jolson made quite a good living from pretending to be a black man.
I know! It is ethnically inappropriate these days.
All I ask is that the world learn to laugh at themselves as well as others. We may then learn compassion.
Acceptance!! How do we find it?

Sue said...

Where's Harry Connick Jnr when you need him????

Kris said...

Roddy, mainly it's been one lot of people laughing at another lot.

Rich people laugh at poor people.

White people laugh at black people.

City folk laugh at country folk.

Get the drift?

Kris said...

Sue, urghhh. Hey Hey makes me want to vomit.

Sue said...

Me too!!!!!!!! Can't stand it!