Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ads that I like: #102

Nothing says FUN like a GUN!

Nothing! You hear me?


And no-one is going to take that FUN away from me!



Roddy said...

You've got a thing with guns. Don't you? Have you been down to Risdon and had a talk with Marty?

Kris said...

You aren't allowed to joke about that.

Roddy said...

I'm not the one putting up posts of guns. Remember that.

dirt clustit said...

who said anything about taking it away?
you might be more comfortable with grease though when i shove it up your ass

Kris said...


dirt clustit said...

Thank you Kris for cutting me some slack.

if it hit a little lighter i would not have been able to figure it out.

if i got you in trouble exaggerating i will retract my statement. Cause there were those damn crows with the acorns (plus I am sure other people got pissed at my threats of car damage) i am sorry, that shit isn't funny.

have a good night Kris

Kris said...

No problem dirt, have a fine evening yourself!