Friday, June 04, 2010

Anyone who makes plans for after the revolution is a reactionary.

Who left these shells here? Clifton Beach, January 2010.

Yesterday I had occasion to neaten the hair, have a shave and dust off the suit (no, it wasn't a court date). Anyway, I noticed the difference in people's responses to you when you're all professional-like. Not least of which was the verbal abuse you get from people being arrested.

I never get verbal abuse from people getting arrested when I'm in normal clothes.


J said...

good luck i think

Kris said...

My feelings exactly. 20k goes some way to assuaging any qualms, however.

Roddy said...

They just don't understand you my son. If they did then they would know that you revel in abuse.
I wish you luck with the interview.

Roddy said...

Looking again at the picture. Is this something, or someones midden? There are a lot of empty shells here.

Tash said...

great bunch of sepia seashells by the seashore - surely.
Love the comment about no abuse when NOT wearing a suit.