Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time is the longest distance between two places.

A message from the fountain in Salamanca Square to you. June, 2010.

T minus 9,090 minutes and 18 seconds.
Heavy fog on Hobart's eastern shore this morning, you couldn't even see the Tasman bridge until you were on it, and when you were on it, you couldn't see the Derwent River Estuary.

Funny thing was though, no fog on the western shore. Grey old day mind you, but no fog. Looking out over the river though, no eastern shore!

What witchcraft is this!?!


Magpie said...

Witchcraft indeed. Love your quote again.

Kris said...

I got some photos, and will post them when I have a moment to process them.

Roddy said...

"Tis a natural phenomena, my son.