Friday, July 16, 2010

Funeral by funeral, theory advances.

Alpine vegetation is dominated by heath and shrubberies. See. Mount Wellington, May 2010.

A sprinkling of snow on the mountain yesterday morning, it was gone by lunchtime though.

If I were a flower, I wouldn't be able to decide whether I'd be a pansy or a hardy little Gaultheria hispeda. I'd steer clear of thorns.

Thorns are for pricks.


Magpie said...

Love this shot...very other-worldly.

Roddy said...

Almost looks like Middle Earth. Lord of the Rings.
I wonder what Froddo would say?

Kris said...

Thanks both.

Bloody hobbits.

Roddy said...

He is a Hobbit. I doubt he would say "Bloody Hobbits". Unless he was talking of Samwise Gamgee.