Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ads that I like: # 109

In all seriousness, every time I revisit these most excellent Communist propaganda posters, I wonder why they lost the Cold War.

Today’s poster features the innovative, exceptional and persuasive slogan:
Have a happy holiday!

Nothing says “happy holidays” like Marx and Engles frolicking in the forest with some joyously cheerful kiddies!

It is funny really, when others think about ideas like dialectical materialism, the dictatorship of the proletariat or the concept of relative surplus-value, they envisage dour grey industrialised wastelands and soot-coated agitators. Myself, nothing says the production of absolute and relative surplus-value more than a rosy cheeked cherub picking pansies in fields of flowers.


Roddy said...

When your page first opened up I thought it was of Mosses leading his people out of the wilderness, we all know where that got them.
Would not Russia have been such a fantastic place if only their propaganda were true.
I still believe in Socialism even though it lost something in the translation. Perhaps one day we achieve world harmony.

Kris said...

Poor old Marx.

Roddy said...

Engles, Lenin and anyone else who died for the cause.