Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ads that I like: # 111

This week’s ad sees me return to the well trod ground of the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China. Indeed, the good folk of the department have proven themselves proficient in the subtle art of subliminally manipulate the ego and will at will.

Today’s slogan is a cracker. Light of touch, pithy but not petty, firm but tender.

No, it’s one of their best yet!

Yes, it’s about the grog, and utilises a the cunning stunt of a stunning pun…
Foster a correct spirit, resist the evil spirit, resist corruption, and never get involved with it.


Roddy said...

Looking up from the depths of despair it is easy to see to reasoning behind the ad.
Speaking from experience I am inclined to agree with the sentiments.
I don't believe I fell that far so salvation was easier.

Kris said...

Keep off the drink.

Roddy said...

I thought it was 'keep off the grass'.