Friday, August 20, 2010

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Do you remember all of those here today gone tomorrow Britpop beat combos that came in went in the blink of an eye back in the heady mid-90s?

I think that this motley crew could have easily passed muster in the pages of Select or the NME circa-’96 from the mean streets of Torquay influenced by a heady combination of Paul Weller and Chrissie Hynde.

All we need is a name for them…


Roddy said...

What about Beach Trio or Sandy Blighters?
Henry an Co? Jen and the Misfits? Me and Mine?
Now it's up to you!

Sue said...

My very first thought was..."The Loved Ones". A name already used by a well known group in the 60's (who can forget "Ever Lovin' Man" and "The Loved One"???)but an extremely befitting name for this group of people! that a light tower coming out of Jen's head?

Kris said...

They aren't very 'Britpop' names. It really needs to be one word. Maybe a male name:

Steve, or maybe Kevin.

LeblogdeFadwa said...

You take really good pictures, I like it !
Good luck.xx

Kris said...

It doesn't hurt having good looking kids and nice scenery. Thank you nonetheless!