Wednesday, August 04, 2010

In the fight between you and the world, back the world.

Playgroup HQ. St Johns Park. New Town. July 2010.

Here you can see the HQ of Playgroup Tasmania, which is located on the way in to St Johns Park, as you make your way up into the road that leads to nowhere the Carruthers Building.

What most intrigues my boys about Playgroup HQ is not their wargaming tables, reams of maps or extensive files relating to millions upon millions of naughty and nice children; no, their interest is about one thing and one thing only: TOYS.

You see; this innocent-looking former church hall (I’m speculating about that bit) is actually home to the worlds Australia’s Tasmania’s Hobart’s largest and finest TOY LIBRARY.


Magpie said...

It's a lovely building. Does have the look of a church.

Kris said...

I suspect it was once a church.

Roddy said...

Methinks a bawdy tavern Circa 1800ish. Churches for some unknown reason tended to be a little more pretentious. I like the colour scheme though. Very vibrant and outgoing.

Linda said...

I think it was part of the colonial orphanage. Isn't there a church next to this building and then on the other side of the church another building like this one? Maybe one side for boys and the other for girls?

I have tried to join an group called "Friends of the Orphanage" because they do historical tours around St John's Park and I want to know more about it. But they are very hard to contact.

Kris said...

Poor orphans!