Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ads that I like: # 116

Metaphysically speaking, I am left perplexed by the declaration found here in today’s advertisement.

Regular readers will know that I have a deep respect for the Teutonic spirit, and am capable of seeing the broader worth of a peoples, culture and language than fixate on one or two (however dreadful) historical periods. Thus, I can look beyond an historic stain and embrace the gute volk in Deutschland with hearty Wohlwollen and nicht wertend Geist.

That said, the notion of “Deutschland”, does not conjure up images of frolicking Fräuleins hitting the links in some desperate effort to secure everlasting life.

I understand that in the aftermath of a war (any war, pick one) a nation must look to ways to [ahem] construct an appeal for foreign visitors to bring their hard currency engage in the spirit of peace and reconciliation.

Nevertheless, golf?


Cricket would have been far more appropriate.


Roddy said...

I still can't understand the attraction of smashing a little white ball as far as you possibly can and then spending the rest of the day looking for it. And then smashing it out of sight again.

Carola said...

What? I can't understand this advertisement. How old is it? This is more of a joke about Deutschland, isn't it? And this clothes? And this font?

Louis la Vache said...

Ja! Spielen Sie Golf und genießen es!