Monday, September 27, 2010

Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.

People heading home. Collins Street as seen from Campbell Street, Hobart. September 2010.

In a rush so here's 20 questions!

Were you born early, late or right on time? You would have to ask my mother about that.

Chicken pox? Twice! Aged five and again aged 14. Good times…

Allergic to bees? No. I have been stung and while it hurt, it went away reasonable quickly.

How about strawberries? No. I can eat ‘em all day.

Hereditary illness? Not yet, although there are a few predispositions there.

Have you ever been in a car accident? Nothing important. We went through a fence once. That was funny.

How much do you smoke? Smoking is for losers.

How much do you drink? The odd cider now and then.

Is your cholesterol normal? Who knows?!? One hopes…

Have you ever run a marathon? Christ no. No good for the knees. And feet. And legs. And back. And heart.

How many x-ray's have you had (not including dentist)? A few. Couldn’t tell you.

Do you watch what you eat? I try and practice balance, but I don’t record the ins and outs in detail. Everything in moderation.

When was the last time you worked out? Every day is a workout with two little blokes on the go.

What is your ideal weight? I dunno. 86.7 kgs?

Current? Around 92 kgs.

How old was the oldest living relative in your immediate family? Huh? You’d have to have asked them.

Veggies or Fruit? Probably fruit, but I have plenty of room in my life for veg too.

Low-carb or High-carb? I like my carbs.

How do you want to die? Quietly and quickly. Preferably asleep.


Roddy said...

Do you remember the accident? It was hindsight.
Weight? I'm supposed to be 68kg. according to someones BMI. Currently 85kg. i would probably feel sick if I were any lighter.
Death? Somewhere around 105. Health willing.

Kris said...

No fun.

Roddy said...

Actually, I am having a ball, thank you.
All going well, wood cutting tomorrow.

Miles McClagan said...

My mate bought some XRay specs 1nce

All that they were were a pair of glasses with a skeleton painted on them

Good times

Carola said...

Weight? 52 or 53 kgs. Is o.k. (all between 50 and 53,5).
Accident, I was 13, driving my bike, a car took my right of way and hit me, bike broken, I had some graze and I was shocked. Not funny.
I like running, just for free, 1 1/2 hours with my husband, along the canal (we have no beach here). It's the best workout! But marathon, hmm, I don't know, would be a challenge, in the moment I don't need it.
And I hate smoking, puuh.

Kris I forgot to answer your question: No, I'm not looking forward to snow. But snow is better and cold rain.

Kris said...

Miles, I always suspected such a ruse! That said, the promise of seeing girls' knickers was always tempthing...

Carola, I can run on grass, but the concrete just hurts my whole body.