Saturday, September 25, 2010

For twenty years -- they thought that we were married!

Failing to hold it steady. Geilston Bay, July 2010.

As Winter fades into memory, and Spring blossoms like a childlike nymph flowering with her first savouring of love, I need to revisit what it means to indulge in ‘experimental photography’.

Any ideas?

Russian Sonia, Edgar Lee Masters

I, born in Weimar
Of a mother who was French
And German father, a most learned professor,
Orphaned at fourteen years,
Became a dancer, known as Russian Sonia,
All up and down the boulevards of Paris,
Mistress betimes of sundry dukes and counts,
And later of poor artists and of poets.
At forty years, passée, I sought New York
And met old Patrick Hummer on the boat,
Red-faced and hale, though turned his sixtieth year,
Returning after having sold a ship-load
Of cattle in the German city, Hamburg.
He brought me to Spoon River and we lived here
For twenty years -- they thought that we were married!
This oak tree near me is the favourite haunt
Of blue jays chattering, chattering all the day.
And why not? for my very dust is laughing
For thinking of the humorous thing called life.


me said...

Try shooting for an entire day without the preview/live view screen on.

Or switch to macro and get really close to stuff.

Kris said...

Me, will do!