Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It is well known that Beauty does not look with a good grace on the timid advances of Humour.

Aren't you cold. Elizabeth Street in Winter. August 2010.

Dolly birds draped about in bikinis. A standard response when you think "Winter in Tasmania".

I am looking for ideas.

I’m happy to trawl the ‘net for more, but I thought that I’d throw open the comments section for suggestions.

What should I write about?

Any questions that I should answer?

Anything that you’d like me to photograph?

The creative well is running dry, and my capacity to draw comics [you know who you are] is limited!


me said... about some kind of thoughts on your week's readings? You do read an awful lot.
And I guess I'm mildly curious to know what you made of Down & Out in Paris & London.

Tash said...

Hmmmm...2... you've covered babes, babies (darling kids)... how about cars?

Carola said...

Some ideas for photos: Public Transportation,

Not comics, but what about Australian jokes. And somthing curios Henry or Ezra is telling you, in Germany we call this "Kindermund" children's talk.

And maybe you are interested in this: This man is walking around the world since ten years. He is coming to Tasmania. Do you like to meet him?
His site:

Jackie said...

Too bad about the cartoons, they made me laugh (especially the cake ones). I'm thinking they might make a good post-thesis entertainment, if I can get the creative juices flowing myself.

That's a fabulous picture by the way!

Kris said...

Me, I will dedicate each Friday to matters "book list".

Tash, I don't 'do' cars.

Carola, thanks for the ideas. In terms of public transportation, I've done both buses and water taxis. That's Hobart covered! I saw that fellow who has been walking around the world on the news last night, he's drawn a crowd down here.

Jackie, the cartoons are a sad reminder of what I can't talk about. This is a shame, as I have had plenty of fodder of late.