Thursday, September 02, 2010

One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important.

Rowing on the Derwent on a cold Winter's morn. Derwent River (with Bellerive in the background). June, 2010.

Theme Thursday and it appears that everybody has GONE FISHING.

“GONE FISHING?”, you say.


I myself have rarely GONE FISHING. I’ve gone snorkelling; gone kayaking; gone running; gone swimming; gone off; gone on; and gone apeshit, but I believe that I have GONE FISHING two, perhaps three, times in my life.

It’s the guts I don’t like. I can handle the killing no problem, but the ritual disembowelment in such exhibitionist fashion seems to me profoundly disrespectful for the dear fish’s family and friends. Give the poor creature some dignity!

I’ve long queried the extended airtime given to the multitude of television programs dedicated to the men who have GONE FISHING. While I have no ideological, intellectual, ethical or indeed stylistic opposition to such programs, I wonder why it is seemingly okay to broadcast reel after reel of some pitiable pilchard in its death throes – blood streaming from the gash in its face as a giant metal hook has pierced its face – as two blokes ramble on about the weather.

Indeed, I eagerly anticipate the day where we will be able to see similar programs featuring the strangling of lambs. Or piglets. Even better, there is money to be made with humble Japanese fisherman scientists hauling in minke after minke.

Book it!


Everyday Goddess said...

very good post! commercial fishing bums me out too.

i posted on gone fishing too.

Kris said...

I like to eat squid.

Tracy said...

LOL. You "eagerly" anticipate? You definitely put a new spin on things. :-)

Brian Miller said...

ha. i imagine a few more may lose their lunch over that one...

squid is good...

Roddy said...

I actually had barramundi with macadamia nuts the other night. A little different but very nice.
I took you and Jase fishing twice. If you have been any more times then it was on your own.
I personally spent a lot of time fishing as a child. Comes in handy if you lived as close as we did to the water.

Tom said...

liked to fish as a kid, always threw 'em back. happy psuedo TT

Roddy said...

I had fish burgers for lunch today!

Kris said...

Tracy, I do?

Brian, squid is GREAT!

Roddy, NUTS!

Tom, never ate them?

Roddy, steak sandwich (cold).

blackie said...

I suspect one of those rowers is my mother and her partner. She just spent my inheritance on a rowing scull. I bet you can't even fish from it. What a waste.

Kris said...

Blackie, at least you will be able to row to the funeral.