Thursday, September 23, 2010

The parents have not only to train their children: it is of at least equal importance that they should train themselves.

Henry and Jen have taken on the monumental task of shifting ALL of the snow off Mount Wellington. They were taking it down into Salamanca and constructing an art installation that tackled the long-suppressed topic of Man’s inhumanity to penguins.

Looking out the window, they’ve just about finished the job.


Mo said...

ha ha did they succeed

Roddy said...

Are you sure that that is Henry? He appears to be too big and a lot older than I remember.
Being his dad though, I guess you should know.

andrea said...

oh you start early with winter ..
here in demanrk no christams cakes in the shops but in germany they did start about first september

greeings :-))

Carola said...

Your close to Antarctica.

Kris said...

Mo, well the mountain is sheathed in cloud as I type, but there has been a little patch of white up there doggedly hanging around for the past week or so...

Roddy, he is very tall, and growing by the minute!

Andrea, this photo was taken in the first week of Spring here (early September)!

Carola, the reason for the snow was a big Southerly heading up from Antarctica. When the winds hit the mountain, the height that it's driven to generally results in settling snow.